What is Geodesy?  It contains the tools and methods used to create City, County, State, national and worldwide coordinate systems.  Without it, GIS, GPS, and mapping professionals will face significant risks and costs.

Due to the significant scarcity of courses on Geodesy, I decided to assemble one. This effort has spanned many years.  Its emphasis is to cover critical knowledge that was obtained (1) academically and (2) practically over forty years of consulting work.

This material consists of fifteen (15) pre-recorded sessions, each over one hour long.  To learn more about it, you may read this course description:  coursedescription 2020-12-14 .

Each session is available for a fee of $49 for a one-week rental.  To access this course, click here.

The 15 sessions are:

  1. Trigonometry Refresher
  2. Coordinate Systems and Transformations
  3. Least Squares Concepts
  4. Geoids
  5. Ellipsoids
  6. GPS
  7. Precision and Accuracy
  8. Projections
  9. Projections Math
  10. Horizontal Datums
  11. Vertical Datums
  12. PLSS and GIS
  13. LiDAR
  14. Photogrammetry 1
  15. Photogrammetry 2