Geodesy Course

What is a projection? 

Can I really wreck a data set with a transformation?  

What is RMSE? 

What is a confidence interval? 

What makes a geoid? 

Why do parcel data not fit into my GIS databse?  

What is a bearing?   


Click below for a complete course description:  

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The 15 sessions of this course deal with all that, and more.  This material is not causal, but based on graduate university studies and many years worth of consulting.  Join the 300+ students who have taken this course to increase their effectiveness and confidence. 


It is strongly suggested that you take the sessions in numeric order.  


Note that each session has a trailer feature that allows you to watch once the first 2 minutes or so for free.  This includes an outline of the session contents.  



Session 1 - Trigonometry Refresher 


Session 2 - Coordinate Systems and Transformations   


Session 3 - Least Squares Concepts


Session 4 - Geoids


Session 5 - Ellipsoids


Session 6 - GPS


Session 7 - Precision and Accuracy


Session 8 - Projections


Session 9 - Projections Math


Session 10 - Horizontal Datums


Session 11 - Vertical Datums


Session 12 - PLSS and GIS


Session 13 - LiDAR


Session 14 - Photogrammetry 1


Session 15 - Photogrammetry 2

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