GeoCounsel is a consulting and workforce training company providing professional services in the area of geomatics (GIS, mapping, geodesy, photogrammetry).  With significant academic credentials and more than 40 man-years of work experience in the field, we are able to bring the best-possible abilities to the table.  In addition, our independence from controlling commercial interests assures that you will have piece of mind during your work with us. 


The services we provide are all related to mapping, in general.  They include:  

  • Formulation of the geo-reference for projects, complete with accruacy analysis and technical recommendations
  • Interpretation of historic aerial photography and expert witnessing
  • Mapping or measurement of difficult-to-extract information from aerial  or other photography
  • Taking drone photography of construction sites and creating detail maps for legal or engineering purposes 
  • Taking drone photography of excavation sites or stock piles for the purpose of calculating volumes for inventory estimations and reporting
  • Taking hand-held photography of accident sites for the purpose of reconstructing events  
  • Providing workforce training for staff dealing with geodetic detail such as projections, datums, transformations, geoids, etc.


Who are our clients?  They normally are project managers for various local government agencies, lawyers, survey or mapping professionals, and GIS administrators.  They also include quarry operators or reclamation officials who need spatial data collection and independent reporting.  


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