The following are sample projects that were completed:

Dinosaur Ridge, Morrison, Colorado

This image is a planimetrically correct orthoimage of that archeologic site that is severely inclined.   It is used for on-site training and maintenance management.


Excavation Volume, Longmont, Colorado

DJI Phantom 4 Pro
DJI Phantom 4 Pro Drone

Using a drone, the volume of a large excavation site was calculated to an accuracy of +- 10 cuyds.  This work was done with the PhotoModeler software of EOS Systems.





Legal Case Support for a utility corridor dispute, Colorado

Using a handheld camera, images were taken to measure disputed detail and to help the court with a visual report of conditions close to the ground.  This included some detail mapping and measurements.


Remote management of Project in Ketchikan, Alaska

The image on the left shows an orthomapping project in this Alaskan city. GeoCounsel managed this project remotely, resulting in planimetrically correct images, like the one on the image below.  The city uses this imagery for its Public Works activities.