GeoCounsel provides consulting and training services in geomatics, with emphasis in civil engineering

   and geomatics (photogrammetry and geodesy).  

  • Engineering:  
    • Hydrology:  Drainage reports with designs and Drainage Certificates for construction 
    • Mapping:  As applied to engineering,environmental or legal projects 
  • Geomatics:
    • GIS:  Project review, formulation, accuracy, user community management
    • Geodesy:  Formulating georeferences with goids, ellipsoids, datums, accuracy, etc.  
    • Photogrammetry:  Expert witnessing, UAS, project formulations and reviews, mapping, etc.  
  • Photogrammetry:  
    • Expert WitnessingAir photo interpretation and measurement of historic photos, land use evaluation, Drainage, irrigation, spils, accidents
  • Project formulation or review:  Precision, accuracy, choice of technology, QA/QC formulation and management 
  • Aerial MappingOwner of FAA-Registered Remote Drone, Holder of FAA Remote Pilot certificate for Small Unmanned Aircraft System (FAA/AC-107-2.pdf), Holder of valid FAA Section 333 Grant of Excemption, owner of EOS Photomodeler UAS software license


  To illustrate this, we have:    

  • Prepared a Phase III Drainage Report for a property in Englewood, CO
  • Provided comprehensive project formulations and reviews for the cadastral (parcel management) projects for the World Bank in all the provinces of Argentina and Georgia (Tbilisi)
  • Delivered expert witness services in aerial photo interpretation for various legal cases
  • Mapped various projects using creative approaches to digital photogrammetry
  • Completed over 160 projects in 16 countries, of which over 100 were in the USA.  




Geodesy provides the physics and math that are used to write the equations and define the variables needed to define positioning on earth in support of any GIS or map-managed project. It is the umbrella science that covers all physics and math related to the shape of the earth, ellipsoids, geoids, datums, projections, etc., and therefore impacts aerial and satellite mapping, GPS/GNSS, GIS, UAVs, and navigation. The word "geodesy" comes from the two Greek words "earth" and "dividing". 


The word "Photogrammetry" also comes from the Greek, meaning "measuring what was drawn with light". It is part of geodesy, and covers aerial and satellite mapping using photography or imagery. It is the physical and mathematical basis for Google Earth, GIS images, and engineeirng and regional mapping. Photogrammetry provides the spatial geometries and math to calculate precise quantities from images, whether they are aerial or terrestrial photographs or satellite images of earth or other celestial bodies. Photogrammetry is uniquely capable of allowing the 3D reconstruction of spatial relationships and is the technology that was used by the USGS during the preparation of the quad sheets, and by NASA to map Mars, Jupiter, etc. 


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