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At left is a sample project involving the determination of the precise shape of a historic stone bridge for the purpose of applying it to finite element structural analysis.  This work was published in Portugal.  This illustrates the versatility of GeoCounsel. 


GeoCounsel is a 100% U.S.-owned corporation registered in Colorado, USA. It has been in business since 1993 as "GeoCounsel".  It provides services that are normally linked to geomatics in some form or another, as applied to geographic information systems, engineering projects, materials audits, project management, and court cases


Harold Schuch, GeoCounsel's owner and principal consultant, has the following background



  • B.Sc in Geodetic Sciences, Ryerson University, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • M.Sc. in Civil Engineering, Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, University of Washington, Seattle, WA USA
  • Ph.D. (Cand.) in Civil Engineering, Hydrology, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO USA
  • Ph.D. (Cand.) in Civil Engineering, Hydrology, University of Colorado, Denver, CO USA
  • PE (Civil, active) 
  • Lecturer, "Engineering Surveying", Department of Civil Engineering, University of Colorado, Denver, CO USA
  • FAA 333 UAV Exemption, and Part 107 Remote Pilot license    

 Since 1993, he has completed over 160 projects in 16 countries.  The types of consulting projects he has completed most

 frequently are the following:  

  • Administrative or technical project formulation in mapping, GIS, and hydrology
  • Photogrammetric mapping, project evaluation, and expert witnessing
  • Aerial photo interpretation for exhibits/depositions/courts 
  • Hydrologic reporting on construction projects with Drainage Reports and disturbed area assessment

 GeoCounsel also provides job training for those who are involved in the geomatics industry (mapping, surveying,

 photogrammetry, geodesy, GIS, GPS).  We have trained over 3000 employees, from GIS operators to Chief

 Surveyors.  Our clients represent the who-is-who of the industry, and represent cities, states, and countries. 

 We can train in 6 languages.  We offer a pay-per-view web course (check it out under the Services > Training



 We are located in the Ken-Caryl Valley of Littleton, CO, a suburb of Denver and home to deer, elk, bear,

 and mountain lion.   


The image at left shows a drone survey of a large excavation site.  This was done in support of auditing excavation volumes.  Whether a project requires hand-held, drone mounted or aerial imagery, GeoCounsel counts on the necessary hardware, software and methodology to bring state-of-the-art accuracies into play, together with the necessary ability to document them.  


Below is an example where conflicting utilities need to be mapped and combined with existing cadastral (legal land) information (easments, ROWs, set-backs, etc.).  This type of work can be in support of court cases, and Mr. Schuch has acted as Expert Witness in several courts.  



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