GeoCounsel, Inc.                                                           

Welcome to the GeoCounsel website. It provides a snapshot of our activities and a gateway to the training we provide.  

  1. We provide consulting services in the areas of geodesy and photogrammetry.  Geodesy is the science of the shape and size of Earth, and is the basis for all official coordinate systems.  Photogrammetry is the science of taking technical photographs, interpreting them, and/or measuring from them.   
  2. We provide Expert Witness services to the courts.  This includes the preparation of technical exhibits in the form of images or reports on measurements.  To read more, click on “Disciplines” and then “Photogrammetry” tabs.  
  3. We provide technical training within the sciences of Geodesy and Photogrammetry.  This is supported by pre-recorded sessions that are available in a pay-per-view format.