Local expert analyses images to help win cases

                                     Actual measurement adds evidence normally not available.         

     Welcome to the GeoCounsel website.   

  1. Photogrammetry is the science of interpreting and measuring new or historic photographs.   
  2. Geodesy is the science of positioning objects precisely on Earth.  
  3. We will obtain existing historic images or collect new ones with drones or handhelds.  We will analyze them by inspecting, digitizing,  and measuring details, and report results so they fit your case.  Even complex property disputes can be supported by simple and strong graphic evidence that was prepared with sophisticated photogrammetric equipment and software.
  4. We have completed various projects, such as providing image analysis as expert witnesses for the courts, calculating stockpile or excavation volumes, and evaluating GIS implementation projects.    Actual measurement adds evidence normally not available.  Check out our credentials.  The work is done by graduate engineers with impeccable credentials.