GeoCounsel is a reseller for the consulting services and software and DBMS solutions of the premier integrity management company for oil and gas companies. We hold the exclusive, worldwide reseller rights for Integrity Solutions Ltd. of Colorado ( They provide the following:
Their Pipeline & Facility Integrity Manager (PFIM) solution that consists of a comprehensive database management system solution that is based on powerful and unique algorithms based on the latest thinking. PFIM is known as the only existing solution that provides pipeline AND station (facility) database structures and analysis in the same DBMS.
Simple foundation (Access, Excel, Visual Basic);
PFIM is recognized as the third generation version of a software package initially developed in the 1990s, which still has followers. Rated as easiest to use, PFIM has advantages that are yet to be beaten:
GeoCounsel will gladly provide you with a comprehensive quotation.
Integrity Management
Project Management
Solution formulation and implementation services that adapt PFIM to the needs of a customer.
Simple operation (easy to remember how to use);
Fast-track implementation (usually in less than 3 months, even overseas)
High productivity even with partial data and/or complex systems.