Disciplines cover Geodesy, Geomatics, Mapping, Photogrammetry, GIS, GPS and Engineering (Hydrology)
Services include consulting and training in the above
professional disciplines:
Technical support and project management
Technical training
Mapping services within geodesy, civil
engineering and terrestrial photogrammetry
Stereogram of a dinosaur footprint, collected for a detailed inclined ortho map for Dinosaur Ridge, Morrison, CO. If you are able to cross your eyes, you can see it in stereo.
Our experience: Over 140 completed projects, 16 countries, 6 languages.

Where are we? GeoCounsel is a US company incorporated in Colorado, USA.
With the advent of UAVs, photogrammetry really is given a new lease on life. GeoCounsel is also in the thick of things, concentrating on the services that will be available using this new platform. After all, it's just a new form of miniaturized photogrammetry.
Contours of a 20 acre excavation pit, mapped with a calibrated handheld camera.
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