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Welcome to geomatics at its best.  Whether your project involves geodesy, photogrammetry, or mapping, we are happy to help you.    


The images above are a stereoscopic pair taken of the footprint of a dinosaur that lived over 66+ million years ago, specifically a Omnithpod of the late Cretaceous period.  The footprints are part of the Dinosaur Ridge Museum in Morrison, Colorado.   The images are two views of a 3D surface extracted from actual photographs.  If you can cross your eyes you will see the 3D version.  


We bring best-of-class geomatics knowledge to the table.  It is based on undergraduate and graduate academic learning, plus over 40 man-years of work experience in the areas of engineering, geodesy, photogrammetry, mapping, and cadastral solutions.  We have completed over 160 projects in 16 counties, including 0ver 100 in the USA.  In addition to that, we have provided detailed workforce training for over 300 people in the USA and overseas.  


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